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American Idol Top 6

First off I must mention the outfits tonight because the costume department is really out doing themselves this season. Randy had on a cardigan sweater with a huge “R” on the front and back and his bright red Ronald McDonald shoes. JLo had on a mini-dress of course that was see-through except where they had strategically placed beads. Then there was Steven. He was dressed all in silver. There were times when he would bend over and he would suddenly and without warning have boobs! The only explanation to this is that he was wearing a women’s shirt. Not that I’m really surprised by this.

We are getting closer and closer to naming a winner for season 10. You can tell because they are drawing out the show more and more and tonight was the first night of duets. Tonight’s theme (in keeping with their desire to draw in a younger crowd) was the music of Carole King. #snorefest. Not one person sang a song that was written after 1971 tonight. I don’t really have anything against her songs or her, I even like some of them but according to Wikipedia she hasn’t had a single chart in the US even close to the top 10 since 1980?  That has to be a mistake right? No? Well then…..


is American Idol!

First up is Jacob in a very bright Fonzworth Bently type outfit. He sang “Oh No, Not My Baby”. I’ve never heard this song and my life would not be changed if I never heard it again. I can’t honestly remember one thing about him tonight except the outfit. Can you? I didn’t think so. With the combination of #1 spot and being totally forgettable I think Jacob is next to go.

Second tonight is Lauren. She took on another song I don’t know, “Where You Lead”. She got a visit from her idol, Miley Cyrus. She was actually more boring than Jacob because her outfit wasn’t as fun. They pulled some random guy up on the stage for her to sing to but it was awkward for everyone. Again, I don’t remember anything else about her.

Now we get our first duet of the night. It’s Casey & Haley singing “I Feel the Earth Move”. Finally hopefully something entertaining! Apparently these 2 are dating? They giggled and told us how they shared the love of growling in the intro. They didn’t end up singing very good or growling very much. Boo! What is going on Idol? What a boring show.

Up third is Scotty. He was singing a song I actually know , “You’ve Got a Friend”. He didn’t hold is mic like a flute or make too many faces. He also gave his best performance to date. My daughter was sad because he didn’t sing in his low voice tonight but Randy called him flawless and I’m sure Steven thought it was beautiful.

Next up was James. 2 weeks ago I said I felt pressured to like him and just didn’t. Well, I’m liking him more and more each week. I’m not sure if I finally get it or he’s just done pretty well the last few weeks. He sang “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. At one point when he was singing JLo was shaking her head back and forth really fast like he had somehow transferred his tourettes to her. Randy declared James the winner and ran up on the stage to hug him. That’s not how it works dawg. Randy doesn’t have a very good track record in this department so I’m sure he just ruined any chance James had to win. Steven shared with everyone that this song was playing the first time he made out with a girl. My husband chimed in, “Oh yeah? But how about the first time you made out with a dude?”

Duet #2 came from Scotty & Lauren who sang “Up On the Roof”. In their video package the question guy asked Lauren how they complemented each other. Lauren’s answer? “He has never complemented me!”. Oh Lauren. It’s a good thing you’re cute and can sing because you are the stupidest contestant since Kellie Pickler. They were extremely boring too. They sat there the whole time apparently “up on the roof”? JLo told Lauren that she “sang her brains out”. I’m not sure she really had any “brains” to sing out but in a moment of confusion it looked like JLo was going to say “sang her boobs out” but stopped herself. Really JLo? She was pretty boring. I don’t think she sang her brains or boobs out.

Right after the commercial break they show Steven with some random little girl sitting in his lap. Who is this kid and why did she just appear? Anyway, Casey is up next singing “Hi-De-Ho”. Once again Casey puts everyone else to shame and makes them look like children. He know exactly what to sing and how to sing it. He threw in a lot of growling and humfing. Also didn’t they just give this dude a haircut a week ago? It’s all grown back already!  Who is he, Teen Wolf? Of course the judges loved it. It even made Steven’s scalp itch.

The last solo of the night was Haley who sang “Beautiful”. She sounded fine but for some reason  Randy wasn’t really feeling it, unlike Steven who claimed to have seen and heard God while she sang.

Up last was the most WTF paring for a duet ever. James & Jacob singing Herman’s Hermits “I’m Into Something Good”. I am not making this up. They both wore white pants and dark jackets and tried to sexually assault JLo. It was so random, awful & fantastic all at once.

What a craptastic show tonight! However, Steven had quite a night tonight with growing a pair of boobs, remembering his first time making out, having a random little girl on his lap, his scalp itching and seeing & hearing God. What’s the number to call and vote for him?


American Idol Top 7

Another week has passed so time for another Idol round-up. Our top 7 idols took the stage tonight to sing songs of the 21st century. They also had a chance to make fun of each other in the packages before they preformed.

The show started with all of the contestants that have been kicked off so far singing “So What?” by Pink. So what? indeed. Please stop pushing Pia on me. She’s here. She’s going to be on Dancing with the Stars next week. Her “boyfriend” Mark Ballas was in the audience. Gag. Stop. I have a feeling this performance was supposed to make America feel bad for kicking off such wonderful singers but really it just made me say “Way to go, America!” I wasn’t sure how the performance could get worse but then Paul & his teeth took the stage.  It reminded me of an elementary school choir concert. There’s always the kid who thinks they are the best singer in the group and sings way loud (Pia), the kid who isn’t very good but they’re trying to encourage so they give them a solo (Paul), the kid who marches to the beat of their own drummer (Naima) and then everyone else who isn’t horrible but no one notices unless they are your kid (Karen & the other ones).

Scotty started us out tonight singing “Swingin”. This reminded me of  a little boy who sang this song on the original Star Search in the 80’s. He wore a HUGE cowboy hat that fell over his face. He was hardly old enough to talk and the only word you could understand when he sang was “Swingin”. Scotty was better than him but it was a close race. Apparently the producers want him gone so they put him in spot #1 and had the judges say not great things about him. I don’t think he’s in trouble though. He too adorable and his fan base is too big. His time will be coming soon though.

Next was James. I could’ve sworn that Ryan said he was going to be singing an original song. My husband and I had a long conversation ,with the TV paused, about how it might or might not work out well. When they came back from break we found out he was singing “Uprising” by Muse. That isn’t an original song. Why did we just waste 5 minutes talking about something that, apparently, nobody said? James looked like some sort of deranged circus ring leader which kind of worked for him. His huge, pink ears didn’t look as ridiculous tonight. He was good but this song triggers something in me that makes me want to drive fast & cut things. I think we should start a campaign to  make this song the new National Anthem of the USA. Can’t you hear this song being played before sporting events or at the Olympics. “They will not control us. We will be victorious! (So come on!)”. Gives me chills.

As I was looking for the scissors to begin cutting up my couch/clothes/husband/anything in sight, Haley was introduced as third up tonight singing “Rolling In the Deep” by Adele. This is the number 1 song in the country right now and I can’t get enough of it. She was pretty good. She smiled a few times which seemed weird in the context of the song. She also didn’t move from her little spot behind the judges. JLo thought she sounded better than Adele at moments. Really? Get real JLo. Of course Steven thought it was “beautiful”. But really what doesn’t he find “beautiful”?

Jacob was next. His fellow contestant made fun of him for being a diva. I had crossed my fingers that he would sing “Trapped in the Closet” but no luck. He sang “Dance with my Father”. I’d never actually listened to this song before but had decided it sounded weird because I couldn’t think of any grown man who wanted their father to come back so they could dance with him. Apparently though, he wants the father to come back to dance with the mother. I still don’t care for the song but at least I’m not weirded out by it now. Jacob is singing it for his dad who died when he was 12. He was super emotional in the video package. We were making bets as to how far Jacob could actually make it into the song before he started to cry. For those making the same bet, it was 2 words. He then claimed that there was some sort of drumbeat in his ear and that’s why he stopped. I guess we’ll never know for sure but I think he was crying. He was boring. He’s really toned down the feminine faces and motions. Steven ,of course, thought it was “beautiful”.

Next up is the winner, Casey. His fellow contestants made fun of him by putting on a fake beard. Most of them looked like trolls with the beard on. Ryan even got into the fun and put the beard on. Ryan didn’t look as much like a troll as he did an Amish boy getting ready to go on rumspringa. Casey sang “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5. While he wasn’t as fabulous as last week he was still great. He growled a lot and ran around the stage. By the end he was all up in JLo face like a crazy stalker. Randy & Steven looked nervous like they weren’t really sure if he was totally stable. In the end all Casey wanted to do was kiss JLo. He managed to kiss her on the cheek and everyone was happy again. Casey is so good he makes people cuss so pretty soon Steven & Randy started shouting obscenities about how great Casey is.

Stefano sang “Closer” by Ne-Yo. He was fine. Not my favorite song, artist or contestant. I mostly can’t believe Stefano is still there. He didn’t do it for me tonight. He tried to dance and sing an upbeat song but it was really boring. Despite being a fine week for him I’m pretty sure he will be landing in the bottom 3 again.

Last up in the best spot of the night was Lauren who sang “Born to Fly” by Sara Evans. I like this song but it’s boring. It was so not worthy of the pimp spot.  Lauren looked like she was about to fall asleep. Lauren is not my favorite at all but she seems to fail to understand that she can sing and she can sing well. She seems really discouraged. Steven told her that “anyone who knows they can’t fail is bound to win.” She sure seems like she thinks she can fail. She looks like she thinks she’s already failed. He should’ve told her that “can’t is the cancer of happen”. It would’ve made as much sence.  I’m not sure what happened to her and why she acts all shocked that the judges think she can do better. I think she will be making her first trip to the bottom 3 which will probably just discourage her even more.

The show started out much better than it ended which is unusual.

My final verdict: Bottom 3- Stefano, Jacob & Lauren. Going home- Jacob.

American Idol Top 8 Recap

I love reading other recaps of Idol so I thought I’d do my own.

The evening started by revisiting Pia’s execution. I’ve seen this now way more than I ever thought I would but I still love the look on her face when she realizes Ryan is saying her name. I do hate that in IdolWorld her elimination is likely to be remembered in the same way that Jennifer Hudson’s was. (I also think she was deserving to be kicked off when she was. She shouted every song.) Hopefully Pia will release a flop and then drift off into the loserverse with other 9th placers like Camile Velasco, Gina Glocksen, Ramiele Malubay & Megan Joy (Caw Caw).

First up, in the spot of death, was Paul who sang “Old Time Rock-N-Roll”. Apparently the producers want him gone. As usual he had way too much going on. Between the crazy suit, wild “dancing”, beating himself with a tambourine that was thrown at him halfway through his song and his glow-in-the-dark teeth I didn’t actually find the time to listen to him sing. He is so not right for this show but I do enjoy watching him. Final Result– probably bottom 3 but safe

Second to sing was Lauren doing “The Climb”. I figured she would pick something boring in order to continue Pia’s quest of putting the audience to sleep and she didn’t disappoint. My favorite part was when you could see her saying in her head “walk, walk, walk..” as she came down the stairs. Her eyes glazed over and I was surprised she could walk and sing at the same time. She didn’t do anything horrible but unless she picks her game up I think her time will be coming shortly. Final Result– Safe

Stefano went 3rd tonight and sang “End of the Road”. He was the best he’s been since the wildcard show. He actually opened his eyes when he sang tonight. I was positive he was going home this week but he may have actually bought himself another week. He has about zero chance of winning but good for him for picking and singing a good song! Final Result– Safe

Scotty sang “Cross My Heart” in spot #4. He didn’t hold his mic with 2 hands sideways tonight and he didn’t make nearly as many creep faces so that was disappointing. He was fine. Nothing super special tonight. Ryan gave him the perfect moment to start singing “Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low..” to JLo during the little interview after the judges critique but he didn’t seize the moment. Final Result- Safe

Casey sang Nature Boy in spot 5. Winner! The only way Casey doesn’t win this whole thing is if he gives up like Crystal Bowersox did last year. He is so much better than everyone else it almost isn’t fair. He was so fantastic tonight this may make it into my top 10 performances ever on Idol. My family has picked him as the winner. We have quite the track record in picking the winner of this show. In fact we have picked every winner of every season. We typically pick the winner during Hollywood week but sometimes as early as the auditions. We have spoken. It’s too bad picking the winner of AI doesn’t matter at all in life.  Final Result– Safe

Haley sang “Call Me”. She wasn’t great but I didn’t think she was *that* bad. She had the bad luck of being pretty good the last 2 weeks and everyone else out-singing her tonight. She didn’t growl nearly as much so I’m pretty sure that’s why the judges didn’t like it. JLo really didn’t seem to like it but didn’t want another girl to be sent home. Suck it up JLo. The boys are far better this year and someone has to go home every week. Steven did compliment her on wearing a dress so short he could look up it while she sang. So good for her? Final Result– Eliminated

Jacob is up next to last. He still seemed to be convinced that people didn’t want to look in the mirror last week and still seemed to have a chip on his shoulder about it all. He was having trouble picking between 2 boring songs but Jimmy & Will.I.Am convinced him he should sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. He seemed totally pissed off in his interview that he had given into the man. I’m pretty sure he even rolled his eyes while he was singing. I figured since his tude was on display he would really diva it up but he didn’t. He mostly just laied down, gave up and died. Boo. Final Result– Bottom 3 but safe.

Last up in the pimp spot was James singing “Heavy Metal”. I don’t know this song but I recognized the movie box cover from my many years at Blockbuster. I don’t think I get the appeal of James. I know we’re supposed to like him but I just don’t think he’s that’s great.  He’s like a poor man’s Adam Lambert. It really bothers me that he doesn’t seem to have eyes. He looks like he has 2 levels of eyebrows. I don’t know how he can see. There were lots of lights, guitar and screaming. They showed the audience at one point and the looked like they knew they were supposed love it. They were standing up because they thought they should but were just kind of looking around confused. A few of the people were trying to clap but since they were almost all white people they weren’t sure where the beat was so they were mostly just randomly clapping when they thought they should. Final Result– Safe w/ probably the highest vote of the night.

Full House of Losers

Full House is one of my favorite shows. I know it’s terribly cheesy and pretty much sucks in every way possible, but I love it. Even though I love it, it has some of the worst characters ever to be on a TV show. Every single character is a huge loser. Please see the following examples in order from smallest loser to biggest loser.

Danny- He’s not all loser right? Danny actually has had a full-time job the entire run of the show. He went to college and graduated. He was married and lost his wife through no fault of his own. He also eventually started dating again and became engaged. The house they live in belongs to him and he apparently is pretty good at handling his money because he gives Joey & Jesse a large check to start a business in one episode. I think he is least of the losers on this show but, don’t worry, he’s still a loser. Why? His wife died and he decided he couldn’t handle taking care of his 3 girls so he invited his 2 best friends to move in with him. I wonder when he asked them to move in? I’m thinking it was probably at the funeral for his wife. He is often embarrassing his kids and family by being a loser on his stupid talk show “Wake Up San Francisco”. He is afraid to punish Michelle when she’s little. Of course, he finally realizes his folly, puts her in the corner and she has learned her lesson and is no longer a brat. Biggest Loser Moment– Danny wants to be in Jesse’s loser band “Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets”. He almost gets in too but is beaten out at the last minute by a bigger loser, Viper.

Becky- She’s not all loser right? Becky has a full time job and her own place to live (at least until she marries the king of all losers). She also knows how to care for horses and is a hard worker. She’s still a loser though. Why? Becky chose to marry into this family of losers and she chose the King Loser as her husband. Before she married Jesse, she paid 2,000 dollars at a date auction to go on a date with him even though he had been asking her out for months. She also lives with her coworker (Danny). Biggest Loser Moment- Because her loser husband is too sad to move down the street from his family, Becky asks Danny if they can move into the attic so Jesse doesn’t have to be sad and be away from the girls.

The Girls (DJ, Stephanie, Michelle) – They aren’t all loser right? They seem to be smart enough and get good grades. They love each other a lot. They are kids but they don’t have much of a chance to grow up to be full of win. Why? Everyone of the girls is horribly obnoxious. They think that adults want to hear them sing, watch them dance or think it’s funny when they say things like “How Rude!” or “You got it dude!”. They all think that Joey is hysterically funny and they think of him as a friend and contemporary. Biggest Loser Moments– Because the girls all think Joey is so funny they sometimes try to copy his unfunny impressions. On Michelle’s first day of Kindergarten she introduced herself talking in a Bullwinkle voice.  Thankfully, all the other kids thought she was slow and weird and didn’t want to be her friend. She went to whine to her bigger sister Stephanie and instead of telling Michelle that talking like Bullwinkle was a stupid thing to do and she would never make friends like that, Stephanie went to Michelle’s class and told them that Michelle was cool and that was the “cool way to say hello”. Then Stephanie makes them all talk like Bullwinkle and she makes the other kids thank Michelle for “making them a little bit cooler”.

Joey- He’s not all loser right? Joey did go to college. That’s about all I can think of as to why Joey is not a loser. Why? Joey is obsessed with cartoons, especially, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Popeye and Yogi Bear. He often turns into these characters at stupid times thinking it’s funny. He has been doing the same unfunny stand up routine for over 10 years as seen in one episode where they find an old tape of Danny & Joey doing a show in college  in the late 70’s.  He is always trying to be successful but never quite makes it. He hosts many kids shows and gets fired from all of them. In-between unsuccessful TV shows he works in advertising with Jesse and as a radio DJ. He fails at both of those too. He also isn’t actually related to anyone in the house so he isn’t forced to be there but stays because he can’t be away from “the girls”. Biggest Loser Moment– Joey gets his “big break” and goes on Star Search. He does the same unfunny routine but somehow managers to get 4 stars, which is a perfect score. However, the other contestant also gets 4 stars. There is a tie so the audience gets to pick the winner. Of course Joey loses because he sucks and everyone knows it but the Tanner family. Of course, they don’t say how many votes Joey got but I can assume correctly the only people who voted for him were the Tanners.

Jesse- He’s not all loser right? Jesse doesn’t look like he should be a loser. He’s way hot, has great hair and dresses pretty cool (at least for the time). But don’t be fooled! He is all loser! Why? Jesse didn’t even graduate high school. He got his feelings hurt in English class one day because he hadn’t done his homework and his teacher called him out on it. Despite his non-education he managed to get some OK jobs but his passion has always been music. He started out as an Elvis impersonator but the music he really wants to make is the kind you would hear living on Wuss Cliff. He can’t seem to write songs that are any good so he usually ends up playing old mid-life crisis tunes with his enormous band (Seriously, his band has like 25 members). His first band gets mad at him for being more concerned with his stupid kids and family than the music and they kick him out. Jesse then forms another band, Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets. He ends up getting his big break and makes a video that they play on MTV and goes on tour in Japan. The song is a remake of a Beach Boys song and the whole video is full of pictures of his little fug kids who he can’t tell apart. (I’ve added the video at the end. I dare you to watch it and not giggle the whole way though.) When he goes on tour he misses the girls too much and decides he can’t be a big rock star now because he would miss them.  Biggest Loser Moment- Jesse actually manages to court Becky and gets her to marry him. After they get back from their honeymoon he packs all his stuff and moves to Becky’s house but he ends up secretly weeping after saying goodbye to Michelle. After everything is moved into Becky’s place she wants to get it on with her new husband but Jesse can’t stop thinking about how much he misses the girls so Becky makes up some lie about how they can’t stay there and they need to go spend the night at Danny’s. The next day they move back into Danny’s house.

Did she say Halloween?

When I was growing up we sort of celebrated Halloween. We didn’t go nuts by decorating our house and my mom never dressed up. I was allowed to go trick or treating but I wasn’t allowed to be anything bad or super scary like a ghost, goblin or witch. I really wanted to be a witch for some reason. One year I was supposed to be getting dressed at my grandma’s house for trick or treating and my mom was going to take me out when she got home from work. I told my grandma that I really wanted to be a witch not Strawberry Shortcake. So my grandma put a witch hat on my head, gave me a broom and smeared lipstick on my face and told me I was “Strawberry Shortcake Witch”. I was probably the first and last person to wear that costume.

We’re getting ready to get ready for Halloween here in the Whitlock house. I found a really cute Dorothy costume at Goodwill last week  in Zoe’s size. She’s never seen the Wizard of Oz and I think it might be my least favorite movie ever but, I think she would be adorable as Dorothy. I told her she’d get to wear red sparkle shoes and she quickly gave in. Who can resist red sparkle shoes? Well, a few days ago, out of nowhere she tells me that she decided she wants to be a banana. A banana? Who wants to be a banana? I told her I thought she wanted to be Dorothy and wear sparkle shoes. She told me she thought a banana would be more fun. I told her I’d try to find a banana costume in her size and guess what? I found one on some costume website. I’ve never been to a costume website but have I been missing out on some crazy. There are your normal costumes like princesses, cartoon characters, “scary” things and slutty things, but then there costumes that make me wonder who in their right mind would wear out in public. Here are a few of my favorites:


S**t Costumes: Who knew so many people wanted to dress up like poop. There are many variations which include the “Crock of S**t”, “Chicken S**t”, “No S**t Sherlock”, “”Bull S**t”, “Holy S**t” and my personal favorite “Poo Poo Platter”. There are actually more versions but I couldn’t bring myself to type them all out.  goosh pants

Oops costumes: Above you have the “goosh pants”. Here’s what they have to say about these: “The Goosh Pants tastefully (or not so “tastefully”, depending on your appreciation of toilet humor) display a yellow spray down the front – vibrantly indicating that you have urinated on yourself. Not enough for you? Flip ’em around to showcase the excitement of “sliding into third”. I can’t believe these are on clearance! Another “oops” costume tells you to “Squeeze the hand pump and watch everyone run. Looks like real poop!” What can I say? SOLD!longuini costume

The “I have a peen” costumes: Apparently there is a huge population of guys who want you to know that they have a peen. The picture is of one called “Longuini and meatballs”. I think it’s my favorite because the guy looks so proud. Like the S**t costumes there are many variations including the “snake charmer”, “genie in the bottle” and “hot dog vendor”. There is even one for the guys who don’t want to be quite so subtle called Erectus the Fantastic Schlong. I’m positive that if you’ve chosen one of these costumes you will find yourself on Tool Academy soon.

camille toeanita waxin

I’m such a man, I will dress up like a woman: Please meet Anita Waxin and her friend Camille Toe. One person who had dressed up as Anita reviewed the costume and thought that it might not be a good costume to wear to church. Really? I’m pretty sure that the guy modeling these is the same as the guy with the longuini. He’s still so proud.

Inglourious Basterds: A review

One of my favorite movies of all time is Pulp Fiction. When the movie was in the theaters my mom and I went to see it, literally,  almost every weekend. When it was realised on VHS we owned 2 copies of it, one that we won in a contest and one that we actually bought. I thought Quentin Tarantino was amazing. I’ve watched a few of his other movies but none were as good as Pulp Fiction. I had come to the realisation that he would never make another movie as great as Pulp Fiction.

I was excited to see Inglourious Basterds because I love Brad Pitt. I also love Nazi/WWII movies. I hadn’t read anything about this movie on purpose. I wanted to watch it and have no idea what was coming. I’m so glad I made this decision.

From almost the moment it started I was on the edge of my seat wondering at first if Perrier LaPadite was really Jewish or if he was hiding the Dreyfus family. I wondered if he would crack under the questioning of Col. Landa. I wondered where Shosanna went, would she get captured, would we see her again?

There was so much violence in this movie it was overwhelming. After the big scene of the theater burning down and the remaining basterds shooting everyone they could, the entire audience let out a collective sigh. I hadn’t even realised how emotionally involved I was until it was over and I could think about what had just happened. I was shocked when the movie didn’t end there. I had completly forgotten about the other 3 characters that were still alive.

The more I think about it, the more I loved this movie. I can’t wait to see it again. I don’t think it was as good as Pulp Fiction but it was darn close.

Now, a question for those of you have seen the movie. Do you think that when the Col. is having stressul with Shosanna in the resturant, he knows who she is? I ask because he didn’t seem to do anything without a reason behind it. I found it quite odd that he would order her milk to drink and make her wait to eat until the cream was brought out. Did he really “forget” the last question he had for her or did he decide he would catch her at a later time? I feel like he knew it was her but I don’t know how he would know because he never saw her face. What do you think?

Verdit-A– Go see this movie now!  Be aware that there might be moments you won’t want to watch because it’s so violent, but you won’t be able to turn away because you might miss something that will come into play later. Also, history has been re-written, which normally I can’t stand, but in this case you almost forget this isn’t what really happened because this history is better, or at least faster.

Movie Review: Julie & Julia


I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since I updated. A good friend encouraged me to write a review of Julie & Julia so I thought I would. Thanks for the inspiration, Slick.

I’m not much of a book reader. I like Harry Potter. Ok, am obsessed with Harry Potter. I have the first Twilight book but haven’t read it yet because I’m afraid I’ll become a lunatic over those too. So, it kind of goes without saying that I hadn’t read this book before I saw the movie. I’d never even heard of Julie Powell, so I obviously hadn’t been a fan of her blog. I did like to watch Julia Child on TV when I was little but I didn’t actually remember anything about her. I also thought she was a big lush.  They never mentioned her being a drunk in the movie and she didn’t act drunk so I’m guessing I made this up.I also like Amy Adams (mostly because she has a great name because when she’s just out and about she seems to have the personally of a box of hair) and I like Meryl Streep. My husband says that Meryl Streep looks like she’s always in the middle of a hot flash and she makes him want to vomit. He really hates her in Mama Mia because she’s “old, frizzy, singing Abba, liberated and having sex”.

Needless to say I didn’t know too much about this movie before I saw it. I knew it was about some chick who was depressed with her life and decided to cook her way through the Julia Child cookbook and blog about it. I knew it also told the story of Julia Child’s career and somehow went back and forth between the two ladies lives. Well, guess what? Spoiler Alert: That’s all that happens. Nothing else happens! Nothing! I can’t even imagine that this is a book that someone would actually finish reading. At the end Julie gets told by some reporter on the phone that Julia Child doesn’t like what she’s done and thinks that she is kind of making fun of her. She gets all sad and cries all night long.  I figured that somehow Julia Child would have ended up being misquoted and she would then call Julie to tell her this and they would live happily ever after. No. Julie just decides she still loves Julia Child and is going to go to some museum that is set up like her kitchen was and have her husband take pictures of her with pictures of Julia. I suppose if I had read Julie Powell’s blog I would’ve known this so it might not be a spoiler after all. (This reminds me of a quick side story: The week after Titanic came out a bunch of my friends and I were talking about it and how cool it looked when it finally sank. One of my friends said “Oh, no! Don’t spoil the ending! I haven’t seen it yet!” I may have just become her)

I suppose the movie was ok. I didn’t have anything else to do that night, I was bored and nothing good was on TV. I don’t think I’ll ever need to see it again though.

Verdict– wait until it’s on TV to see it for free and only if you really want to see it. Also make sure there is nothing better to do (make sure to double & triple check to be sure) and you won’t be mad if you waste 2 hours on a movie that goes nowhere.  C-