American Idol Top 7

Another week has passed so time for another Idol round-up. Our top 7 idols took the stage tonight to sing songs of the 21st century. They also had a chance to make fun of each other in the packages before they preformed.

The show started with all of the contestants that have been kicked off so far singing “So What?” by Pink. So what? indeed. Please stop pushing Pia on me. She’s here. She’s going to be on Dancing with the Stars next week. Her “boyfriend” Mark Ballas was in the audience. Gag. Stop. I have a feeling this performance was supposed to make America feel bad for kicking off such wonderful singers but really it just made me say “Way to go, America!” I wasn’t sure how the performance could get worse but then Paul & his teeth took the stage.  It reminded me of an elementary school choir concert. There’s always the kid who thinks they are the best singer in the group and sings way loud (Pia), the kid who isn’t very good but they’re trying to encourage so they give them a solo (Paul), the kid who marches to the beat of their own drummer (Naima) and then everyone else who isn’t horrible but no one notices unless they are your kid (Karen & the other ones).

Scotty started us out tonight singing “Swingin”. This reminded me of  a little boy who sang this song on the original Star Search in the 80’s. He wore a HUGE cowboy hat that fell over his face. He was hardly old enough to talk and the only word you could understand when he sang was “Swingin”. Scotty was better than him but it was a close race. Apparently the producers want him gone so they put him in spot #1 and had the judges say not great things about him. I don’t think he’s in trouble though. He too adorable and his fan base is too big. His time will be coming soon though.

Next was James. I could’ve sworn that Ryan said he was going to be singing an original song. My husband and I had a long conversation ,with the TV paused, about how it might or might not work out well. When they came back from break we found out he was singing “Uprising” by Muse. That isn’t an original song. Why did we just waste 5 minutes talking about something that, apparently, nobody said? James looked like some sort of deranged circus ring leader which kind of worked for him. His huge, pink ears didn’t look as ridiculous tonight. He was good but this song triggers something in me that makes me want to drive fast & cut things. I think we should start a campaign to  make this song the new National Anthem of the USA. Can’t you hear this song being played before sporting events or at the Olympics. “They will not control us. We will be victorious! (So come on!)”. Gives me chills.

As I was looking for the scissors to begin cutting up my couch/clothes/husband/anything in sight, Haley was introduced as third up tonight singing “Rolling In the Deep” by Adele. This is the number 1 song in the country right now and I can’t get enough of it. She was pretty good. She smiled a few times which seemed weird in the context of the song. She also didn’t move from her little spot behind the judges. JLo thought she sounded better than Adele at moments. Really? Get real JLo. Of course Steven thought it was “beautiful”. But really what doesn’t he find “beautiful”?

Jacob was next. His fellow contestant made fun of him for being a diva. I had crossed my fingers that he would sing “Trapped in the Closet” but no luck. He sang “Dance with my Father”. I’d never actually listened to this song before but had decided it sounded weird because I couldn’t think of any grown man who wanted their father to come back so they could dance with him. Apparently though, he wants the father to come back to dance with the mother. I still don’t care for the song but at least I’m not weirded out by it now. Jacob is singing it for his dad who died when he was 12. He was super emotional in the video package. We were making bets as to how far Jacob could actually make it into the song before he started to cry. For those making the same bet, it was 2 words. He then claimed that there was some sort of drumbeat in his ear and that’s why he stopped. I guess we’ll never know for sure but I think he was crying. He was boring. He’s really toned down the feminine faces and motions. Steven ,of course, thought it was “beautiful”.

Next up is the winner, Casey. His fellow contestants made fun of him by putting on a fake beard. Most of them looked like trolls with the beard on. Ryan even got into the fun and put the beard on. Ryan didn’t look as much like a troll as he did an Amish boy getting ready to go on rumspringa. Casey sang “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5. While he wasn’t as fabulous as last week he was still great. He growled a lot and ran around the stage. By the end he was all up in JLo face like a crazy stalker. Randy & Steven looked nervous like they weren’t really sure if he was totally stable. In the end all Casey wanted to do was kiss JLo. He managed to kiss her on the cheek and everyone was happy again. Casey is so good he makes people cuss so pretty soon Steven & Randy started shouting obscenities about how great Casey is.

Stefano sang “Closer” by Ne-Yo. He was fine. Not my favorite song, artist or contestant. I mostly can’t believe Stefano is still there. He didn’t do it for me tonight. He tried to dance and sing an upbeat song but it was really boring. Despite being a fine week for him I’m pretty sure he will be landing in the bottom 3 again.

Last up in the best spot of the night was Lauren who sang “Born to Fly” by Sara Evans. I like this song but it’s boring. It was so not worthy of the pimp spot.  Lauren looked like she was about to fall asleep. Lauren is not my favorite at all but she seems to fail to understand that she can sing and she can sing well. She seems really discouraged. Steven told her that “anyone who knows they can’t fail is bound to win.” She sure seems like she thinks she can fail. She looks like she thinks she’s already failed. He should’ve told her that “can’t is the cancer of happen”. It would’ve made as much sence.  I’m not sure what happened to her and why she acts all shocked that the judges think she can do better. I think she will be making her first trip to the bottom 3 which will probably just discourage her even more.

The show started out much better than it ended which is unusual.

My final verdict: Bottom 3- Stefano, Jacob & Lauren. Going home- Jacob.


One response to “American Idol Top 7

  1. This is hilarious. I think my favorite part is your calling Casey a stalker for the JLo thing!

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