American Idol Top 8 Recap

I love reading other recaps of Idol so I thought I’d do my own.

The evening started by revisiting Pia’s execution. I’ve seen this now way more than I ever thought I would but I still love the look on her face when she realizes Ryan is saying her name. I do hate that in IdolWorld her elimination is likely to be remembered in the same way that Jennifer Hudson’s was. (I also think she was deserving to be kicked off when she was. She shouted every song.) Hopefully Pia will release a flop and then drift off into the loserverse with other 9th placers like Camile Velasco, Gina Glocksen, Ramiele Malubay & Megan Joy (Caw Caw).

First up, in the spot of death, was Paul who sang “Old Time Rock-N-Roll”. Apparently the producers want him gone. As usual he had way too much going on. Between the crazy suit, wild “dancing”, beating himself with a tambourine that was thrown at him halfway through his song and his glow-in-the-dark teeth I didn’t actually find the time to listen to him sing. He is so not right for this show but I do enjoy watching him. Final Result– probably bottom 3 but safe

Second to sing was Lauren doing “The Climb”. I figured she would pick something boring in order to continue Pia’s quest of putting the audience to sleep and she didn’t disappoint. My favorite part was when you could see her saying in her head “walk, walk, walk..” as she came down the stairs. Her eyes glazed over and I was surprised she could walk and sing at the same time. She didn’t do anything horrible but unless she picks her game up I think her time will be coming shortly. Final Result– Safe

Stefano went 3rd tonight and sang “End of the Road”. He was the best he’s been since the wildcard show. He actually opened his eyes when he sang tonight. I was positive he was going home this week but he may have actually bought himself another week. He has about zero chance of winning but good for him for picking and singing a good song! Final Result– Safe

Scotty sang “Cross My Heart” in spot #4. He didn’t hold his mic with 2 hands sideways tonight and he didn’t make nearly as many creep faces so that was disappointing. He was fine. Nothing super special tonight. Ryan gave him the perfect moment to start singing “Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low..” to JLo during the little interview after the judges critique but he didn’t seize the moment. Final Result- Safe

Casey sang Nature Boy in spot 5. Winner! The only way Casey doesn’t win this whole thing is if he gives up like Crystal Bowersox did last year. He is so much better than everyone else it almost isn’t fair. He was so fantastic tonight this may make it into my top 10 performances ever on Idol. My family has picked him as the winner. We have quite the track record in picking the winner of this show. In fact we have picked every winner of every season. We typically pick the winner during Hollywood week but sometimes as early as the auditions. We have spoken. It’s too bad picking the winner of AI doesn’t matter at all in life.  Final Result– Safe

Haley sang “Call Me”. She wasn’t great but I didn’t think she was *that* bad. She had the bad luck of being pretty good the last 2 weeks and everyone else out-singing her tonight. She didn’t growl nearly as much so I’m pretty sure that’s why the judges didn’t like it. JLo really didn’t seem to like it but didn’t want another girl to be sent home. Suck it up JLo. The boys are far better this year and someone has to go home every week. Steven did compliment her on wearing a dress so short he could look up it while she sang. So good for her? Final Result– Eliminated

Jacob is up next to last. He still seemed to be convinced that people didn’t want to look in the mirror last week and still seemed to have a chip on his shoulder about it all. He was having trouble picking between 2 boring songs but Jimmy & Will.I.Am convinced him he should sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. He seemed totally pissed off in his interview that he had given into the man. I’m pretty sure he even rolled his eyes while he was singing. I figured since his tude was on display he would really diva it up but he didn’t. He mostly just laied down, gave up and died. Boo. Final Result– Bottom 3 but safe.

Last up in the pimp spot was James singing “Heavy Metal”. I don’t know this song but I recognized the movie box cover from my many years at Blockbuster. I don’t think I get the appeal of James. I know we’re supposed to like him but I just don’t think he’s that’s great.  He’s like a poor man’s Adam Lambert. It really bothers me that he doesn’t seem to have eyes. He looks like he has 2 levels of eyebrows. I don’t know how he can see. There were lots of lights, guitar and screaming. They showed the audience at one point and the looked like they knew they were supposed love it. They were standing up because they thought they should but were just kind of looking around confused. A few of the people were trying to clap but since they were almost all white people they weren’t sure where the beat was so they were mostly just randomly clapping when they thought they should. Final Result– Safe w/ probably the highest vote of the night.


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