Inglourious Basterds: A review

One of my favorite movies of all time is Pulp Fiction. When the movie was in the theaters my mom and I went to see it, literally,  almost every weekend. When it was realised on VHS we owned 2 copies of it, one that we won in a contest and one that we actually bought. I thought Quentin Tarantino was amazing. I’ve watched a few of his other movies but none were as good as Pulp Fiction. I had come to the realisation that he would never make another movie as great as Pulp Fiction.

I was excited to see Inglourious Basterds because I love Brad Pitt. I also love Nazi/WWII movies. I hadn’t read anything about this movie on purpose. I wanted to watch it and have no idea what was coming. I’m so glad I made this decision.

From almost the moment it started I was on the edge of my seat wondering at first if Perrier LaPadite was really Jewish or if he was hiding the Dreyfus family. I wondered if he would crack under the questioning of Col. Landa. I wondered where Shosanna went, would she get captured, would we see her again?

There was so much violence in this movie it was overwhelming. After the big scene of the theater burning down and the remaining basterds shooting everyone they could, the entire audience let out a collective sigh. I hadn’t even realised how emotionally involved I was until it was over and I could think about what had just happened. I was shocked when the movie didn’t end there. I had completly forgotten about the other 3 characters that were still alive.

The more I think about it, the more I loved this movie. I can’t wait to see it again. I don’t think it was as good as Pulp Fiction but it was darn close.

Now, a question for those of you have seen the movie. Do you think that when the Col. is having stressul with Shosanna in the resturant, he knows who she is? I ask because he didn’t seem to do anything without a reason behind it. I found it quite odd that he would order her milk to drink and make her wait to eat until the cream was brought out. Did he really “forget” the last question he had for her or did he decide he would catch her at a later time? I feel like he knew it was her but I don’t know how he would know because he never saw her face. What do you think?

Verdit-A– Go see this movie now!  Be aware that there might be moments you won’t want to watch because it’s so violent, but you won’t be able to turn away because you might miss something that will come into play later. Also, history has been re-written, which normally I can’t stand, but in this case you almost forget this isn’t what really happened because this history is better, or at least faster.


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