Movie Review: Julie & Julia


I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since I updated. A good friend encouraged me to write a review of Julie & Julia so I thought I would. Thanks for the inspiration, Slick.

I’m not much of a book reader. I like Harry Potter. Ok, am obsessed with Harry Potter. I have the first Twilight book but haven’t read it yet because I’m afraid I’ll become a lunatic over those too. So, it kind of goes without saying that I hadn’t read this book before I saw the movie. I’d never even heard of Julie Powell, so I obviously hadn’t been a fan of her blog. I did like to watch Julia Child on TV when I was little but I didn’t actually remember anything about her. I also thought she was a big lush.  They never mentioned her being a drunk in the movie and she didn’t act drunk so I’m guessing I made this up.I also like Amy Adams (mostly because she has a great name because when she’s just out and about she seems to have the personally of a box of hair) and I like Meryl Streep. My husband says that Meryl Streep looks like she’s always in the middle of a hot flash and she makes him want to vomit. He really hates her in Mama Mia because she’s “old, frizzy, singing Abba, liberated and having sex”.

Needless to say I didn’t know too much about this movie before I saw it. I knew it was about some chick who was depressed with her life and decided to cook her way through the Julia Child cookbook and blog about it. I knew it also told the story of Julia Child’s career and somehow went back and forth between the two ladies lives. Well, guess what? Spoiler Alert: That’s all that happens. Nothing else happens! Nothing! I can’t even imagine that this is a book that someone would actually finish reading. At the end Julie gets told by some reporter on the phone that Julia Child doesn’t like what she’s done and thinks that she is kind of making fun of her. She gets all sad and cries all night long.  I figured that somehow Julia Child would have ended up being misquoted and she would then call Julie to tell her this and they would live happily ever after. No. Julie just decides she still loves Julia Child and is going to go to some museum that is set up like her kitchen was and have her husband take pictures of her with pictures of Julia. I suppose if I had read Julie Powell’s blog I would’ve known this so it might not be a spoiler after all. (This reminds me of a quick side story: The week after Titanic came out a bunch of my friends and I were talking about it and how cool it looked when it finally sank. One of my friends said “Oh, no! Don’t spoil the ending! I haven’t seen it yet!” I may have just become her)

I suppose the movie was ok. I didn’t have anything else to do that night, I was bored and nothing good was on TV. I don’t think I’ll ever need to see it again though.

Verdict– wait until it’s on TV to see it for free and only if you really want to see it. Also make sure there is nothing better to do (make sure to double & triple check to be sure) and you won’t be mad if you waste 2 hours on a movie that goes nowhere.  C-


One response to “Movie Review: Julie & Julia

  1. Ha ha ha Amy I LOVE your review! I was curious about this movie purely because I watched The Next Food Network Star and they made the final three contestants go see this movie. Anyway, I appreciate your honesty and I don’t think I’ll be seeing this movie…

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