How clean are your light bulbs?

I think that I’m the worst housekeeper on the planet. I’m supposed to be cleaning because Rae’s dad and step mom are coming this weekend. They are coming up from Atlanta for Zoe’s baptism tomorrow. After that, they are taking Zoe back to Atlanta with them for a week. This is our second kid free week this year. It’s so weird not having a little person always around.

When my grandma has company she starts cleaning at least a week before (usually more like 2 or 3). They wash everything you can think of. Normal things like the counters and tables and stuff. They also do insane things like polish the china in cabinets that you can’t even see just in case someone opens up the cabinets. My favorite thing they do is wash the light bulbs. Did you catch that? They actually unscrew the light bulbs and then clean them with a rag and Bab-o (which is a commit like product). Usually while they are cleaning the bulbs they manage to break about half of them which leads them to complain about how much light bulbs cost and how they just spent $30.00 replacing them. Of course you’re saying that if they didn’t clean them they probably wouldn’t break but if they didn’t clean them someone might see a dirty light bulb. Don’t you always check out people’s light bulbs to see if they are clean?

We went to the Jazz & Rib Fest last night. There were so many people. Zoe was so excited to go because she loves ribs and she loves jazz. When I told her about it she told me that it sounded like her kind of place. We had a fun time.

I guess i have procrastinated enough for now. I sure hope my in-laws don’t look at my light bulbs.


One response to “How clean are your light bulbs?

  1. So THATS what they were flavored?! I knew that the bag before that was was “Whopper” flavored…which in my opinion was equally gross, but Moutain Dew flavored?!?! No wonder they tasted like ass! BTW, you should call ME biotch…since you never answer your phone OR messages…

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