I love to watch worthless TV. One of my favorite worthless TV shows to watch is Maury. If you don’t watch Maury he has about 4 themes that most shows are about. On holidays he has 2 themes to choose from- “I was a geek and now I’m chic” or “Which of these <fill in your Holiday> honeys is really a man?”. The other themes are teenage sluts that want a baby, adult sluts who don’t know who their babies daddy is, adult sluts who don’t know who their babies daddy is who feed their kids a pornographic amount of food until they almost explode and adults who are married to sluts who want their spouse to take a lie detector test to prove they are sluts.

Every once in a while Maury has on people with phobias. Usually the people on these shows are scared of things that are so bizarre you can’t help but laugh and point. Like the man who is scared of peaches, the woman scared of cotton balls or the women afraid of birds and mustard. I realised today that I act this way over bees (this includes hornets, wasps, yellow jackets..basically anything with wings, that buzzes and is coming to sting me).

I know why I am so scared of bees. When I was in second grade I was in music class. I was sitting there singing when I felt a little bit of a sting on my neck. It went away pretty quick so I didn’t think anything about it. But after a minute or so my neck started to hurt more and more. I’m not sure why at this point I didn’t say anything to my teacher. Maybe I was scared or maybe I thought it would go away. At the end of class we got in our line to walk back to our class. I was the last person in line that day and on my out I pulled my hair away from my neck and said to my teacher “My neck really hurts. Is there something wrong with it?”. I looked at my teacher and she had this look of horror that has since been burned into my memory. She told me not to move in a panicked yet calm voice.It turns out I had a giant mob of bees on my neck taking turns stinging me. Just thinking about it makes my neck hurt and my head itch.

This evening on TV there was a show on called “Hornets from Hell”. Doesn’t that sound like a fun show to watch? Rae of course turned it there. I was almost in tears after watching literally 5 seconds of this.

So what things are you guys really scared of?


2 responses to “Apiphobia

  1. Well now I’m afraid of mobs of bees…and Rae with a remote.

  2. once again…you’re a dork. A MOB of bees were all over your neck and you didn’t feel them crawling around all over? I think this story has been a bit embellished a bit…

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