Tropical Punch Kool-Aid = Love

I love tropical punch Kool-Aid. I love it so much I would like to have an IV put in. The only problem with this would be that I wouldn’t get to taste it. I got on a kool-aid kick a few months ago and started buying kool-aid singles (those are the single serve packets of the kool-aid and sugar already mixed that you just add to water! I know, I’m excited about them too). I know it’s not hard to make a pitcher but when I would use the singles it was like my own private pitcher of love. I was always so excited to get to the drinking part that I usually left the little packets laying around on the kitchen island. Rae used to grab them and growl at me when he would find them over the next few days. He got so sick of it that he forbade me to buy them anymore. I shared this sad series of events with my small group from church. Well, for my birthday one of the couples in our group bought me a box of tropical punch kool-aid singles and made 6 bottles of kool-aid for me. I know it sounds stupid but I was so touched. I’m drinking one of the bottles right now as I type this so thanks Jimmy & Sarah. You guys rock!

I’ve decided to clean out my closet. I found so many clothes with their tags still on, it’s like I went shopping. I’ve also been having major food issues lately. You may or may not know how picky I am. I get everything I order plain. I don’t want my food to touch or mix in anyway. I seriously think I’m a supertaster. Restaurants keep messing up my food by putting crap on it that I didn’t ask for or cooking it on the same grill as crap I don’t like (like onions or green peppers. Yes, you can taste it when they do this.). Ugh. I always smell my food before I eat it and if I smell something foreign I usually get worked up and start yelling about how it’s contaminated. I’m getting all worked up now just thinking about this. My heart is beating fast and I’m getting nervous. I’m going to stop this entry now and drink my kool-aid and calm down.


3 responses to “Tropical Punch Kool-Aid = Love

  1. you…are…a…freak.

  2. Way to go updating your blog once every…oh…WEEK. One word comes to mind. Lame.

  3. I ‘ve been reading your stories and really enjoyed them. You are quite a writter. I remember some of your eating habits. You used to eat ceral without milk on it, too. Keep on writing.

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